My 2016 Summer Bucket List

My favourite season is summer, [mostly because of no school].

These are some things I for sure have to do:

campfire fruit drinks majestic hair flip summer drinks smorestubingcliff jumpingwater fun


Inspirational Quotes I Live By

“I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.” -unknown

beauty begins...

“Sometimes you have to forget what you want to remember what you deserve.” -unknown

love yourself

“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together” – Marilyn Monroe

dont give up

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take a moment and make it perfect”.  – unknown

independent woman marilyn monroe

“Remind yourself that its okay not to be perfect”. unknown

dance in the rain


#Koexist #Ivory Ella

I have a very strong love for animals. They are honestly the best therapy! There has even been a study shown that people with pets live longer. One of my favourite clothing brands is Koexist. @

On their website it has information about exactly what they do. Some of the money from you buying their items go’s towards saving koala bears and sick children! My personal favourite item is their pocket sweatshirts.

Also Ivory Ella! They have the same policy except they save the elephants.

koexist teal koexist and scarf koexist 2015ivory ellaivory ellaivory ella t



I don’t know about you but I’m a common white girl. TBH[ to be honest] being a common white girl is pretty much a religion or lifestyle. If your a common white girl you like Netflix, pll [Pretty Little Liars], SnapChat and you basically have everything in the white girl starter pack ;].white girl starter pack#1cwg outfit

I couldn’t forget about the traditional #cwg {common white girl} hair styles like boxer braids, messy buns, loose waves, and of course our Kylie Jenner inspired makeup!

Kylie-Jennersnoop braidshair goalskylie jenner bun

Don’t even get me started about fall! common white girls not so secret love is fall! The boots, the candles, the fashion, the scents, the makeup, the outdoors with the crisp air and the beautiful falling orange and red leaves.


fall outfit 2fall outfit 1

About me

Heyyy, My name’s Julie, But I get called everything but that. My friends call me their Albino, potato, jube jube, jewlz, jlo,j,voguey. I’m pretty much a common white girl. I love Starbucks and netflix..#pll #vampdiaries. Target is my life!! Well it was my life….#canadian #bringbacktarget. I’m in love with watching beauty gurus on YouTube, Cameron Dallas, Trevor Moran, pre much all the magcon boys, and of course Miranda sings!

starbuckscameron dallasmiranda sings

The best way I learn is in groups and visually. I become more creative and get more ideas when I’m with a group of people. I understand things more clearly when I actually get shown how to do things. I also concentrate way more when I’m listening to music. Even if its math or gym, music always makes me work and concentrate more.